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Professional Careers

Why Being a Statistician is the Wave of the Future

Analytics-based decision making is becoming more and more prevalent in the corporate world as the best risk management practices are informing sales, marketing, capital spending, and investment decisions more than ever....(more)

Career Profile and Educational Requirements for Occupational Therapy

If you are interested in helping people overcome and cope with disabilities, illnesses and injuries, a career as an occupational therapist may be for you. With the right skills and education, you can be well on your way to working in this fascinating field. Check out the following job profile and occupational therapist educational requirements to see if a career in occupational therapy is for you....(more)

The 8 Most Coveted Employee Perks in America

Employee perks may not be what drives you to accept a new job. However, they can be very nice. This article reveals eight highly-enticing employee perks. ...(more)

Owning your Career: 4 Strategies to Avoid Layoffs

In an economy in which layoffs continue to plague the workforce, how can we avoid that situation or potential demotion? One way is to take control of your career so you can become more valuable in the eyes of your employer....(more)

Trade Careers

The Best and Worst Aspects About a Career as an Electrician

Licensed electricians facilitate the repair and maintenance of electrical components within homes, businesses and other modern devices. An electrician's career is constantly changing and revolving around the requirements and specs of different clients. Expect to spend time planning layout and installation of electrical wiring, inspecting electrical equipment and components for hazards or faulty components, and connecting wiring to circuit breakers, transformers or other components....(more)

Job Productivity

Three Ideas to Boost Your Team's Morale

Here are three recommendations for managers to help keep their team motivated and happy. Eliminate unnecessary deliverables, institute a no-blame culture, and define objectives on paper....(more)

Six Ways to Overcome Job Boredom

Are you feeling bored at work? You can emerge from the emptiness of boredom to enjoy a period of professional growth and satisfaction. Here are six ways to fight boredom and renew excitement in your job....(more)

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